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Everyday cutting-edge innovations are compelling companies to change the way they behave when IT happens. With an integrated strategy, technical expertise, analytics, insights and a lot of market research, we pave the best possible path for your success.

With our IT strategy, you can target operating models and generate new value through a new definition of your business. Also, opting for an IT and business consultant who has no emotional strings attached to the idea provides for a room for unbiased opinion and fresh insights.

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IT Consulting Services

Importance of an IT consultant lies in

  • Achieving deeper and novel insights into your own business or idea and changing the perspective on your most complex challenges with the help of an outsider who knows!
  • Moving out of the traditional, and stepping into the disruptive. The right technology consulting will suggest to you the best possible ways of combining the leading and advanced technologies for your benefit. Open-source solutions, start-up innovations, analytics, digital transformation, ERP, when combined in the right amounts, can do wonders for your business.
  • Open discussions with IT practitioners about the cutting-edge realities like (buzzwords alert!) Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, cloud technologies, and automation.

We can make your retails business more approachable to your customers by delivering customized solutions. Our deep knowledge of retail industry and customer behaviour enables us to build solutions best suited to your retail business. We can help you meet your biggest challenge of satisfying customer need.

The Winning IT strategy

With CDN Solutions Group, you get exposed to a lot of technologies and prospects that widen your view. These pieces help you complete the jigsaw puzzle of your most complex of business ideas. But, as you know, the importance lies in placing the right piece at the right spot to complete the picture, that's just what we do for you in planning out your IT strategy.

Investing in IT is imperative for businesses in this digital age, and we make sure you are not left behind.

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Project Documentation Services

Project Documentation Services

We know how to design and we know how to document. At CDN Solutions Group, we recognize the growing need of a partner to understand the business in and out and document the product comprehensively.

Our experts are proficient in building end-to-end documents that cover all aspects of your products and software solutions. We bridge the gap between your end-user and your deliverable by writing efficient and cost-effective documents.

Your users will resort to looking at your technical document for authentic information, make sure it is complete and clear with our quality documentation services.

App Prototyping and Wireframing Services

Another crucial aspect that we cover in our solution design service package is wireframing and app prototyping. We build the prototype for your product that speaks volumes about the end solution. With detailed and exhaustive prototypes, we can create a business value for your product in front of your clients.

Feature-rich wireframes with a fresh and unique look and comprehensive functionalities are our domain. With immersive User experiences, we deliver the best wireframes that vouch for themselves.

We have a separate business analyst team that has a wealth of experience in developing highly functional prototypes that go beyond the minimum requirements.

We offer the following specific services in this area-

  • Prototyping web design
  • Web apps wireframe designing
  • Desktop app wireframing
  • Mobile app wireframing
  • eCommerce wireframing
IT Consulting Services