Client Testimonials!

We at CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are successfully providing our services to various clients and companies around the globe. We believe that our clients have always been a catalyst in our growth and are pleased to share that 80% of our business comes from repeated clients. Every year we get lot of positive and honest reviews and feedback from genuine clients. We are grateful to all our clients for their contribution to take CDN Solutions Group at a pinnacle. Let’s have a look at what our prestigious clients have to say about us:

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CDN offers great, affordable and honest technology services. They were an integral addition to our in house team for special projects. The engineers we worked with are knowledgeable and flexible. We worked together on system design, user experience design, and execution. They were great at collaborating with our existing team. Even though they are providing support at an agency level. The communicate and project cadence was as effective as building an internal team. I would highly recommend working with them on large and small projects.

Steve Liu, Sparxo INC, USA

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We cooperated with CDN on the project of creating mobile application for iOS and Android platform. We evaluate our cooperation in a highly positive way. The approach of CDN was very open, flexible and professional. All the deadlines were met and the project was successfully delivered on time.

Dusan Oklestek, Dorps Ltd., Slovakia

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So I guess the thing churned that has always impressed me about CDN is that I've been to a lot of other places in India and been to a lot of other companies in Baroda, chennai and I've decided in the end to work with CDN and because it's a company that meets my needs and my needs are not just development needs are like where the people that I'm working with can extract from me what i want but more than that they can take my ideas and taken further so it becomes more than just a development team, a team that actually starts to push my thinking and my ideas further and I think that's a wonderful thing in CDN.

John Teres, Australia

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They were able to create and deliver a technical solution for a mobile application I managed that was produced by EuroRSCG New York. He and his team's diligence and flexibility was critical to the launch and success of the project. Our client NYSE was extremely happy with the work and we couldn't have done it without the excellent work done and managed by the team. I would recommend him and his team as a technical solution to any of my colleagues.

Debra Gail White, New York

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We have partnered with CDN Solutions as an exclusive "Software Development Hub" for all of its projects in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia after along selection process. We have signed with them for the proven track record of delivering projects within time, on budget and a complete satisfaction of clients. Its been a little over a year now and we can't ask for a better partner. We appreciate their commitment to our work, we look forward to have a long fruitful business relations with them.

Majdi Allulu, Safinat Technologies, Saudi Arabia

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We were given a strong project team from CDN, comprising of an articulate business manager who helped bridge us with the core development team, a seasoned project manager, and a skilled developer. It was a good combination that helped reduce development errors caused by lack of proper understanding of our requirements. We managed to launch in time to secure our first mover advantage and we are continuing to get great support from the team for ongoing enhancements to the system to further solidify our position in the market.

Jason Ong, Singapore