Captive Team

Offshore resource hiring for an extended period of time. You can hire our resource offsite for as long as you want and they will dedicatedly work only for you for the defined period of time. The cost of project varies according to the model of 'captive team'. Benefits of keeping a captive team within CDN are multiple -

  • You get your own team sitting here in our premises without having to worry about HR and Legal issues related to employees as CDN does that for you.
  • Your team does not get assigned any other work that of yours. They are always ‘in-waiting’ for instructions from you.
  • You are not bound by technology, domain and other limiting factors. They are your team members, and you could use them to the best of their abilities.
  • You can select resource according to your criteria. You can take interviews and give tasks to the resources in your selection process. The budget will vary resource to resource.
  • You can give your forecast and we will select the resources by their skills that will match the requirement of your project. The resources are fixed until completion of the contract.
  • You can mention all your tasks and we will allot different resources for a particular task according to their skill set. The resources will vary task to task.
  • Possibility of hiring our captive team according to your criteria.